Onder de oppervlakte (2015)
Imagined Landscape (2012)
Directed by Josu Venero - Documentary film - preview
Belgium Beyond Expectations (2010)
Directed by Christophe Dumoulin - preview
Tener el corazon en el lugar equivocado (2009)
Directed by Josu Venero - Documentary film - preview
Erfgenaam van Elsschot (2007)
Directed by Suzanne Raes - Documentary film
Otavio e as letras (2007)
Directed by Marcelo Masagao
No Regret (2006)
Directed by Lee Song-hee-il - Generation Blue Films, Korea
Der Lebensversicherer (2006)
Directed by Bülent Akinci
1,99 a supermarket that sells words (2003)
Directed by Marcelo Masagão
Qui Vive (2001)
Directed by Frans Weisz
Raveel (2000)
Directed by Johan op De Beeck - Documentary film
Nos que aqui estamos por vos esperamos (1999)
Directed by Marcelo Masagao
Entre Flore et Thalie (1999)
Directed by Françoise Levie - Documentary film
Father Damien (1999)
Directed by Paul Cox
Winter Sleepers (1997)
Directed by Tom Tykwer
Lisa (1996)
Directed by Jan Keymeulen
Li, between the devil and the deep blue sea (1995)
Directed by Marion Hänsel
Fiesta (1995)
Directed by Pierre Boutron
The Land beyond the Sunset (1993)
Directed by Harold Shaw - USA 1912 - Silent film
La femme de nulle part (1993)
Directed by Louis Delluc - Silent film
Je pense à vous (1992)
Directed by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Servaisgraphia (1992)
Directed by Benoit Peeters
Rust (1990)
Directed by Larus Ymir Oskarssons
The Belly of an Architect (1986)
Directed by Peter Greenaway


The power of theatrical madness (1984)
Jan Fabre - Performed by Wim Mertens Ensemble
Torchlight and laserbeams (1988)
Christopher Nolan - Directed by Michael Scott
Le roi se meurt (1984)
Eugene Ionesco - Directed by Franz Marijnen